Review and compare how LokCRM stacks up to other, similar services.

LokCRM vs Trello

LokCRM manages proejcts and tasks with a basic CRM.
With Trello you can manage projects, but it's lacking CRM features.

LokCRM vs Todoist

LokCRM tracks your project to do's and auto-connects contracts.
Todoist can help manage tasks but no esignature or contracts.

LokCRM vs Qwilr

LokCRM can build instant proposals and tracks your clients too.
Qwilr is a proposal builder but it's missing CRM features.

LokCRM vs Proposify

LokCRM costs less and does much more than just proposals.
Proposify costs $15 more a month and only does proposals.

LokCRM vs Keap

LokCRM tightly connects projects, CRM and task management.
Keap is a CRM that does it all but is missing task management.

LokCRM vs Harvest

LokCRM has a time tracker, CRM features, and more.
Harvest is all about time tracking and that's where it stops.

LokCRM vs Bidsketch

LokCRM proposals can be fully customized via CSS and HTML.
Bidsketch does proposals but they all use the same, basic template.

LokCRM vs Basecamp

LokCRM has similar features, plus a CRM with contracts and esignature.
Basecamp can help manage projects but no CRM, contracts or esignature.