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Get organized instantly, stay on top of client needs, and win more business. Reduce stress and prevent costly mistakes as a freelancer.

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Keep yourself (and your clients) on track, on budget, and on time.
Time Tracking

Proposal to Paycheck

Take control of your projects.

One solution that handles everything you need to win clients, and run successful projects.

Proposal to Paycheck

Say Goodbye to Sloppy Proposals 👋

Look professional and win out over your competition.

Deliver immediate, detailed, and fully branded proposals in minutes.


Contracts with eSignature

Easily create contracts that include eSignature options.

Export PDF's and give your client's access to everything from their own portal and login.

Groovy Themes 🪩

Use CSS and HTML to theme your documents.

From letterhead, custom themed presentations, to social media proofs, there is no limit to what you can create with custom themes and our document editor.


Task Management that Makes You Money

It's a new kind of killer task.

Not only are LokCRM tasks easier to manage, they are built to keep you safe from your clients, and yourself.


Effortless Time Tracking

No invasive time tracking.

Just a simple time tracker that's always available and auto connects to projects and clients.

Time Tracking

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You're making proposals the hard way.

We created 1,000's of proposals before we figured out how to do it right.

We'll teach you how to send higher quality proposals at faster speeds than even the largest agencies.

  • Ultra-Fast Proposal Creation
  • PDF Generation
  • Prebuilt Projects
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You are not charging enough. 🤑

Don't know how to ask a client for more money or avoiding the conversation alltogether?

We've got your back with a system that:

  • Warns you when you’re selling yourself short
  • Up-sell customers at any stage
  • Identify unprofitable projects
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How do you know if your client is a bad one?

Successful freelance projects require identifying bad clients as soon as possible.

Identify bad clients with tools like:

  • Profit Monitoring
  • Time Tracking
  • Automatic Scope Creep Monitor
  • Locked Task Management
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We fixed project management. 🤫

Our unique methods are now your greatest advantage to winning and keeping new work coming.

Wow your clients while staying on top of every project.

You do what you love and let the system:

  • Keep you on track
  • Pocket the money you earn
  • Put an end to free work
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